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November 26, 2012
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Christmas Time. Wasn't it great? Snow covering the streets, happy couples ice skating, young ones counting down the days. It was just....magical. But the only bad part about it was that every single store would be packed. And not to mention, Emily was a family person, so she was always busting her ass, making sure everyone got what they wanted. Every single time you tried to buy a gift for her, you ran into her at the same store. She was RELENTLESS! Sure, she meant well, and sure, she was your best friend, but she was going to ruin her own Christmas! But, this gave you an idea.

So here you were now, waiting outside of Kohls, slowly becoming an ice cube. "Yoo-hooooo! [Name]!" You turned your head, then straightened yourself up. Here she was, just as planned. "So, whatcha call me here for? Was it those boots I saw you eyeing the other day?" She smirked. You blushed then shook your head. You really, really liked Emily. She was nice, funny, and very attractive. But she was just your best friend. You didn't think she felt that way about you. She only dated men, usually very manly men. And you were a girl. Why, why, why?! "I need your help. I need help getting clothes for my....sister!" You said, rubbing your arms. Emily tilted her head. "I never knew you had a sister! Well, c'mon!" And she dragged you in the store.

"So, what does your sister like?" The blonde asked, immediately looking at a nice brown coat. It had the fake fur hood lining and a pretty red inside. You added that to your mental list of what to get. When Emily wanted something, she wanted it. Simple as that. "Let's head to the makeup counter first." You said, motioning for her to follow. She looked at you, now back to being focused, then ran over, nodding.

There was more at the makeup counter than you expected. With all the women in the world that men had to buy for this year, you were surprised that not a single shelf seemed touched. "Well, do you know what she likes?" Emily asked. You tried to think, but then answered. "Well....she's been in...India for awhile....I don't talk to her much." You lied. "Oh...." Emily said, looking at the makeup. "Well, every girl likes red. So why don't we try....THIS!" She grabbed a scarlet-crimson lipstick tester then put it on her lips. "OOOOOOH.....I like that!" She cooed. You watched in silence, adding this mentally. "Why don't we...just look around some more? I don't think she'll like lipstick or makeup....." You said, finally breaking the moment. Emily looked at you, gave the tester back to the lady, then followed.

Next was clothes. You searched around the tops section, seeing if she liked anything. You then stopped. What if she doesn't like me? What if this makes it awkward between us? Thoughts clouded your mind, until.... "This is SOOOOOO CUTE!" Your head turned to Emily, who was hugging a white sweater. She took her hands from it and held it up to you. It had a bunch of grey and blue snowflakes on it, with the words 'ICE QUEEN' in fake black sharpie. "This is nice! Very nice!" She said, squealing then clapping her hands together. You smiled. She put the sweater back, soon eyeing a pair of jeans like that coat. They were grey too, except had studs all over the pockets. On the rear, they said something like, 'Cutie-pie' in pink rhinestones. Two more things for Santa to get.

Nothing else seem to spark interest except a pair of navy blue pumps. You two walked out of the store, she and smiles, you and your shyness. "It's a shame you saw nothing that she would like......" Emily said, sighing. "But that's okay! There's many more places!" You nodded, not saying a word after that.


It was that day. Christmas. You walked up in your best (f/c) (warm clothing material) shirt, then knocked on the door. You had a bunch of presents, 5 were for Emily. The door opened, and there was the host, your friend Lukas. He didn't smile, just nodded to you in acknowledgement. "Merry Christmas, Luke." You gave him a hug, then set your presents down at the tree. "Veee~! [Name]'s here!" Running into the room was Feliciano, who kissed you on the cheek. The typical Christmas party. Lovino came stomping in after, grabbing his brother by the shirt collar and dragging him back to the family room. Again, typical.

The party was filled with endless chatter, the traditions of Arthur getting drunk, Allistor and Dylan having an eggnog chug contest (Alli always winning), Gilbert trying to hit on Elizaveta, and Elizaveta hitting him with her signature frying pan. "CHUG! CHUG! CHUG!" You heard Emily scream, followed by, "10 YEARS, BABY! 10 YEARS A WINNING STREAK! THANK YOU!" And on cue, Dylan hitting his brother in the back with the bowl. "Alright, everyone! Gift exchange!" Ludwig yelled out, and everyone soon raced to their presents.

Feliciano danced around the room, giving everyone gift cards to the nearest Italian restaurant, Arthur handing out tiny little Christmas ornaments or trinkets. You watched as Emily skated her way around the room, balancing a giant pile of gift wrapped boxes and giving everyone their gifts. You recieved the boots that you liked. You were so nervous about how she would react to what she got.

Soon, she sat next to you. "Hey!" She said, smiling. "Hey....." You replied, reaching for one of her presents. She looked down at it, then squealed in delight. Tearing up the paper, she soon opened the white box, then took out....the coat from the store. "Oh, [Name]! How...did you........?!" "Here's the next one." You handed her the box with the lipstick, and once again, her reaction was both happy and shocked. Next three gifts, same thing. "Listen....I know we're good friends and all...but I really like you, more than that...and I-" You were cut off by lips pressed against yours. Emily pulled away, grinning bashfully. "You should have said that a looooong time ago, sweetie~"

Best. Christmas. Ever. desciption so far. And I HAD to include the eggnog chug contest. :dummy:

Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:

You (c) :iconfemamericaplz:
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AnimeIsMyLife13 Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
That's kinda awkward for me 'cause my name is Emily and I also know a lot of girls named Emily.
haleyboplucy Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
The little girl that I babysit is named Emily...... We'll..... This is kinda awkward.... Just gonna pretend it says Amelia.
RedWing91 Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist

But nice story though:D
Symphano Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2013
That awkward moment when your NAME is Emily...
Lemon-Meringue34 Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2013
Haha! Dude! I know right! XD (I know WAAAAAYYY too many Emilys. Including myself -__-)
Symphano Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2013
So...I go By Danny, Aramat, or Dumbass on the Internet. XD
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I dont swing this way but my friend does so she makes me read these story but ether way it was good not really my type of story though
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This puts certain thoughts in my head I wish I could unsee
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And those would be?
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Images that one simple does not explain
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