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October 5, 2012
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Pairing: Spain x Reader x Chibi!Romano
Fandom: Hetalia
Genre: Comedy
Inspiration: ......
"Lovi!" The cheery nation's voice rang throughout the large house. Romano shifted his weight as he struggled to hold to broom upright. "What, bastard?" He grumbled. Spain walked over to the young boy and smiled. "A pretty girl is coming over today so I want you to be nice! She loves children, and is very nice with a-" The Italian covered his caretaker's mouth. "Do I look like I care, bastardo? Fine, I'll behave, but if you two start getting hammered on the living room then I will blow it." With a swish of his head kerchief, the southern part of Italy walked away, huffing angrily.

In about an hour, the doorbell rang. Spain dropped the basket of plump tomatoes on the floor and scurried over to the entrance of his abode. Smoothing out the yellow colored apron on his chest, he opened the door, revealing your smiling face. "Toni!" You said, hugging him. Spain had been your friend for awhile, ever since you were recognized as a nation. He helped you, talked to you, comforted you, anything you could ask for! You had to admit, he was very cute, and he had to admit that you were as well. But neither of you could ever give away your feelings. It was one of those things in fairytales.

"[Name]!" He shouted, pulling you into a warm embrace. As he laid his head on your shoulder, Antonio detected the faint scent of (favorite fruits). Yum! As he pulled away, a tan hand grabbed yours. "Come in, [Name]! There's someone I want you to meet!" Guiding you into the living room, you sat down on the soft couch, taking in the designs of the room. For being a country that was once poor, Spain lived a life of luxury. A 90-inch flat screen TV, velvet chairs, a mahogony coffee table, and this was only one room! "Oh, Romano!" Your friend called. Something tiny wobbled into the room, and it was indeed a person. It was a young boy with a pink maid dress and white kerchief. His hair was a dark chestnut, his eyes a mix of green and brown. A curl stuck out strangely on the top of his head. "Lovi, this is [Full Country Name], the nice lady I was talking about! Isn't she pretty?" Spain asked. The boy, who you assumed was Romano, began to look away, his face as red as a tomato. "Si...." You walked over smiling. "Well aren't you just adorable?" You squeed, picking the child up. "I could just hug you all day!" You held the little nation close, smiling and laughing. Little did you know, Lovino was smirking and laughing quietly, but evilly.

For the next couple of hours, you spent that time with Romano. Currently, you were making pizza. You helped him cut the tomatoes and make the dough, since you took cooking classes from Rome once. Spain, watching the whole scene, felt himself seeth with envy. Jealousy made his blood as hot as the oven which was currently heating up. As he stood by the breakfast bar, watching you roll out the peach colored dough on the island, his face was showing the emotion of a rock: nothing. You, however, were completely oblivious to this. You were just smiling and laughing, Romano blushing and smiling awkwardly.

A couple moments passed by, and Spain finally cleared his throat, stretching out the collar of his shirt. You looked up, finally noticing his presence, then smiled. "Hey, Toni! Didn't even see you there!" You said, an ecstatic tone in your voice. Spain walked over, his face now stretching into a grin. "Mind if I help?" He asked, reaching into the refrigerator and taking out some shredded cheese. "Not at all! i need someone to help me mash out the tomatoes!" You said. Spain nodded and started smashing the red balls like he always did: wrapping them up in a bag, getting out a heavy object, and mercilessly banging it into the bag. You smiled, then took the bag when he was finished. "You look tired, Romano. Why don't you get some sleep?" Spain asked, pushing the little country away gently then focusing on you. Score!

As you began to smooth out the sauce, you smiled. "Romano is just so precious! He's such an angel, too!" You said, looking over at the Spaniard. The nation sighed, looking over at you. "I kinda wanted to talk to you about that...." He said. You put down the spoon and turned around. "Antonio," You told him, seriously. The words fit your tone, since you never said his full human first name unless you were being honest and serious. "You know that you can tell me anything. Just say it." Spain cleared his throat and began to walk closer. "You see, when you met Romano today....I saw how you were caught up with him. I felt like I wasn't there with you, as you ignored me. I guess what I'm trying to say is..." Before he could finish his sentence, a scream was heard from upstairs. "MONSTERRRR!"

Spain led you into Romano's room, and the little Italian was crying, holding his pillow close to his chest. "Is everything okay, Roma?" You asked, kneeling by his bed. He looked up, straight into your (e/c) orbs. "I-I had a nightmare.....a monster with blonde hair and very freaky eyebrows was chasing me with another blonde monster with very girly hair and wearing no clothes was right behind him....." You kissed the child's forehead. " was only a dream..." You said, smiling. But then you turned away, muttering to yourself. "....if you haven't met England or France."

Closing the bedroom door, you found Spain in the hallway, sughing to himself. He looked listless, almost finding entertainment at looking at the green wall. "Toni?" You asked. Antonio turned around. "Si?" "What were you going to say back there? You know, in the kitchen?" His eyes widened, then he walked towards you, and gently pulled you into a passionate kiss. "Te amo, senorita. Te amo." You blushed, and kissed him back, but was interrupted by the sound of a huff. You pulled away to see Romano with a pissed off look. "What did I say, tomato bastard?! I AM GOING TO BLOW IT!"
So I watched the Hunger Games today....:iconimhappyplz:





So I came up with this idea on a whim, even though it's been insanely overused. Chibi Romano is just so cuuuuute! I want to pinch his cheeks! Those little chubby cheeks!

Reader-tan reminds me of Belgium. I don't know why....

But anyways, enjoy! If you are going to fave, PLEASE comment! They're encouraged!

Well, I'm off guys. See ya!

Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:

You (c) :iconsexyspainplz: or :iconchibiromanoplz:
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What do you want bastardo?
That dream you had...
Spit it out idiota ragazza! 
It wasn't a dream...
Hey, Spain!
Hola Chica! How's mi tomate taking it?
*Turns to see Roma cussing so much that it would put Road Rage England to shame* 
...Pretty well. For what his eyes saw anyway.
*Awkward Silence*
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Speaker Person thingy: "People on the road bothering you? Taking too long to get to McDerpyDerps and the guy in front of you is a complete asshole who keeps texting his third ex-wife?"

Dumbass who responds to speaker/narrator in the commercial: "Yeah!"

Speaker person thingy: "Well you need your Road Rage England!"

Dumbass's Friend: "What's that?"

Speaker person thingy: "Your personal Road Rage England is inflatable and easy to carry. He will curse like an Italian mobster and will immediately drive like a drunk Chinese. Warning; Road Rage England will get drunk often and fuck Drinking Buddy France. Who is on limited time offer sale!"

Dumbass and Dumbass's friend: "LET'S GET ROAD RAGE ENGLAND!"

Speaker person thingy: "Only available in store and cannot be replaced. Only available if in stock."

*continues saying random shit about the Road Rage England that nobody gives a damn about in the tiny fucking print that only pixies can read*
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